“Goodnight bath salts”

“Goodnight bath salts” by Nature’s Scents by Raje Airey   you will need:   500 g.  1-1/4 lb. coarse sea salt 10                       drops of chamomile essential oil 10                       drops of sweet marjoram essential oil 1 – 3                   drops of green food colouring (optional)   Combine all the ingredients and pour into a glass storage jar,… Continue reading “Goodnight bath salts”

Bath and Foot Soak Samplers

Butterfly Botanical Baths – Sampler Set # 1

—Promoting our upcoming Butterfly Botanical Baths – Sampler Set # 1—– Website: http://www.butterflybotanicalbaths.com/products.html *****Available on October 30th, 2014 @ http://www.teas-online.com (Under Spa Essentials) – (to order, email to: lavendarcove98teas@gmail.com) or order through http://www.teas-online.com  * Sampler is full set of 6, one of each product sample.* **All orders will be processed through Paypal. ***For the Bath… Continue reading Butterfly Botanical Baths – Sampler Set # 1