“Goodnight bath salts”

“Goodnight bath salts” by Nature’s Scents by Raje Airey   you will need:   500 g.  1-1/4 lb. coarse sea salt 10                       drops of chamomile essential oil 10                       drops of sweet marjoram essential oil 1 – 3                   drops of green food colouring (optional)   Combine all the ingredients and pour into a glass storage jar,… Continue reading “Goodnight bath salts”


“Seductive Massage Mix”

“Seductive Massage Mix” by Nature’s Scents by Raje Airey   you will need:   105ml/ 7   tbsp. grapeseed oil 5 ml/    1   tsp. wheatgerm oil 5                drops of rose essential oil 3                drops of ylang ylang essential oil 2                drops of jasmine essential oil   For both blends, combine the ingredients and store in a… Continue reading “Seductive Massage Mix”

Miscellaneous · Recipes

“Pomegranate Squeeze”

“Pomegranate Squeeze” Book – “Juices” by “Elsa Petersen-Schepelern”   3    pomegranates 1     orange (optional) 1     tablespoon grenadine (optional) Serves 1 Cut the pomegranates in half around the middle.  Using a lemon squeezer, squeeze the juice from the pomegranates and orange.  Add  grenadine, if using then serve over ice.